The Final Mockup

After all the input and revisions, here’s the mockup of that cover we revealed. We’re extremely happy with the results — a nice balance of traditional elements with clean, conservative design principles. Get ready, because it’s not long now!

Cover Reveal!

COVER REVEAL!!! Thank you so much everyone for all of your input and support! Things are moving a little faster than expected, and we couldn’t be happier. Due to your donations and preorders, we were able to purchase ISBNs and register the LCCN already. So, Evangelion now has a barcode and will be able to … Continue Reading

Drawing from Traditions

Variations of the cross and seal we designed yesterday. Which ones are your favorite? Any suggestions? Also, for those that were waiting to find out what’s incorporated, hope you brought your pen and paper… At the center: Octagon symbolizing baptism, the 8 on the ark, and the 8 days of Holy Week Then, the 8-point … Continue Reading

An Old New Project

Brothers and Sisters in our Lord Jesus AND my dear Friends who may not believe in Him: On and off for the past three years, I have been researching and sequencing the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ. It has been my passion, and it is also the first step of … Continue Reading