Drawing from Traditions

Variations of the cross and seal we designed yesterday. Which ones are your favorite? Any suggestions?

Also, for those that were waiting to find out what’s incorporated, hope you brought your pen and paper…

At the center: Octagon symbolizing baptism, the 8 on the ark, and the 8 days of Holy Week

Then, the 8-point star or Bethlehem

Then, a lot…
– Greek Cross
– Latin Cross
– Byzantine Cross
– Cross of Lorraine
– Tau-Rho Cross (staurogram)
– Chi-Rho Cross
– Celtic Cross
– Cruciform Halo
– Forked Cross
– Saltire
– Mariner’s Cross
– Cross of St. George
– Cross of Cuthbert
– Cross of St. Gilbert
– Cross of St. James
– Cross of St. Julian
– Cross of St. Nino
– Cross of St. Philip
– Cross of St. John
– Cross of Jeremiah
– IXTHYS Wheel

Also, spirals represent waters or baptism and spirit/Spirit
Finally, the fleur-de-lis recalls the East and West Syrian Orthodox Crosses. Moreover it represents…
– Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
– Resurrection
– Life
– Jesus
– Joseph
– Mary

I probably forgot something 😉 Deo Gloria!

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